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The 1982 Foundation was founded in August 2021, with the sole mission of revitalizing a dying small town in Appalachia, with the re-use of the abandoned Calhoun County High School, which was constructed in 1982 and has gained National Historic Landmark status. The mission originally concentrates on the resurrection of our magnificent, historically recognized structure as the Calhoun County Community Center and was recently rebranded as Avalon. The building re-use intended at Avalon focuses on two major levers, Economic Development and Workforce Development for a county that has been listed on Appalachian Regional Council's Economically Distressed list for more than 40 consecutive years.

We have chosen to brand the campus as Avalon which literally means "isle of apples" and in the tale of King Arthur and the knights of the round table symbolizes vital power a profound change. To be able to easily promote the site and its facilities, the overall name that relates to our mission of progressive change seems to be well suited. We want the name to become known across the state and beyond much like Tamarack is.

Saving a building to rebuild a community

Who Are We



  • Learn what happened when Calhoun High was closed.

  • Why The 1982 Foundation purchased the school

  • Exciting plans for the future Calhoun County Community Center.


From the time it was built in the early 1900’s, Calhoun High has been the anchor to the community and central to the provision of opportunity for the county’s youth. 


News outlets all over West Virginia and beyond have been watching and reporting on the inspiring efforts of Houners intent on creating a better future for the county.

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