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Construction Update

Splish splash! We have water in the pool!

The pool now is almost complete. One more heater to install and possible a couple of more actions for the bath house to include the concrete pad at the front, but we are very close. Remaining items to complete prior to opening include: fencing which we selected this week, installation of posts for 18 red and white shade sails, connector deck between zero entry and bath house entry, the chaise lounges for the Baja deck and a few other details. We will likely not have the Tiki Hut open this year due to other higher priorities, but we will get to it as soon as we can.

Next week the whole team will be there to outline and plan for laying the footers and foundation for the new construction. The day care center construction will begin most likely in February when we get a warm week.

We have four teams now working on the main building.

Hardway doing the framing for the 6 apartments, the 2 AirBnB rooms and the Library Suite. Really great progress has been made on the 3rd floor in a short time.

Wood Heating and AC are starting on the mechanical work necessary for heating and air. This will be a long process.

WV Demo is trenching up the bottom floor to allow for plumbing and waste piping. Lots of concrete cutting, and we think we may have finally found the original gym building in the 1920's with the original construction.

Chester Boggs and crew are installing lintels and cutting block to make ready for the elevator openings on all three floors. This is really coming along quickly as well.

The prototype window is due to arrive soon. I cannot wait to see the window. We will likely install one to see how it will look and so everyone can see what a huge difference windows will make. We are also doing the final review of the cold form steal package for ordering soon.

Next week will be more of the same plus we will begin the preparation and trenching in the restaurant kitchen.

On the non-construction front, we continue to work diligently on funding options at the state and federal levels. We are making reasonable progress and have a number of resources now supporting this effort. It takes time and a focused effort that in agile so that we can maximize the possibilities. Our hope is to find funding to both support start up operations and to pay back at least some of the bridge loan. We are learning a lot and once we are done, we will be able to help others make connections to grants and technical assistance to fund other projects.

We are also working diligently on our marketing and branding. There will be some announcements coming soon on that front. Branding is an important aspect and is critical to getting the word out across the state.

Teresa Jones Overton is working on the research for the K-12 private school which will focus on STEAM in a Christian environment. We are hoping to start with two small middle school classes this year, but we are still evaluating the requirements in order to be sure the timing works.

We complete and posted our 2024 objectives. Objectives are critical in driving progress in any arena. Our objectives are aggressive but so are we! lol

The team has moved into the new office. A very kind and generous group of folks surprised us with new flooring that is absolutly beautiful in the pictures. I cannot wait to see it all soon in person. The red and white office furniture was basically given to use by a gentlemen in DC who was thrilled to support our efforts. When folks hear what we are doing in Calhoun they are always interested, and so many want to help in some way. We are grateful.

I see the snow and cold weather is on the way. Be careful on the roads and stay warm my friends.

All mv very best,


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